September 28, 2007

Playmakers Trip

I can't begin to say enough good things about Curt Munson and his entire staff at Playmakers!

What a down to earth, genuine person he is! What a great store they have and his employees are awesome!

That store and the team attitude they have should be the blueprint for every running specialty store in the country! Friday evening I first did a live radio show and then onto Playmakers and signed books and New Balance cards and then gave a talk at the store. It was packed! Curt did a great job of getting the word out about me being there at the store.

Something really neat happened after my talk, I was signing books and New Balance cards when a gentleman came up to me and said "Dick, I don't have much money, and I'm going through and have been through some of the same things with addiction as yourself, but I want to help out with your foundation" He handed me a ten dollar bill. I got so choked up I could hardly breath!

Then after it was all over and I was getting ready to leave, I noticed a check folded up on the table. I said Curt, someone must have left a check for a book here for you. It was a check from someone that was at my talk made out to the Dick Beardsley Foundation for $100.00! I was so overwhelmed!

Saturday I spent most of the afternoon at the expo at the Playmakers/New Balance booth and talked to folks and signed books and New Balance cards. I gave a talk at the pasta dinner that evening and it went well. The folks attending were incredible!

Afterwards I signed more books and New Balance cards and when it was time to go back to the hotel, Curt handed me a box that they had put out in case anyone wanted to donate to the foundation. (I didn't even know they were doing that) We raised around $1500.00 for the foundation!

I'm still completely taken back by the incredible amount of generosity. I ran the Capital City River Run Half-Marathon and was fortunate to win the Grand Masters Title running 1:21:04

I'm sorry for rambling so much, but the weekend was one of the most incredible, emotional weekends I've ever had!

Have a great day!Dick