September 3, 2008

Wayside Treatment Center

I had the opportunity to give a talk to the folks at Wayside Treatment Center in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. It is an all women's drug and alcohol treatment facility that got started back in 1954.

When I was speaking at Grandma's Marathon this past June, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Richard Beardsley and his wife. They are from Indianapolis, Indiana and they have a daughter Natalie who is a counselor at Wayside House. So between my wife Jill, Natalie, Michaelene and others at the Wayside House we were able to work it out that I could speak there.

To my great surprise, my dear friends Dr. Dennis and Fern Arne, along with their son Bruce and his friend came to listen to my talk. I grew up with the Arne family and was in 4-H with all their kids. They are some of the most wonderful people and friends a person could ever know!

I gave a talk on life and about not giving up no matter what happens in your life! To always think positive and if you really believe in something to always go after it! Included in my talk was my own battle with narcotic drug addiction. At the conclusion of my talk, I sang a song that I wrote, while I played my guitar. The name of the song is "Thank You Jesus". It was a nice way to end the evening.

I get inspired by so many people, but when I see folks that are trying to get their lives back from addictions, the inspiration I get from that is out of this world!

Thank you ladies for the incredible inspiration you gave me! Keep fighting the good fight!

A huge thank you to my wife Jill, Natalie Beardsley, Michaelene and all the folks at Wayside House for making it all possible!

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