December 11, 2008

Shu's Idaho Running Company, Boise, Idaho

Shu and Leone

Dick speaking on crutches!

Matt Booth, PT at Therapeutic Associates checking Dick's knee

Dick with Nate, KBOI Radio Host

My trip while I was in Boise was AWESOME! The trip traveling to Boise was another story! I flew from Austin to Phoenix to Boise, normally, not a bad trip but I was still fighting the infection in my right knee and I was really hurting! The good news was that I got to board the plane first because of my crutches! My good friend Jenny Stinson took time off from working at her company, Stinson Brand Innovation picked me up at the airport and we headed over to Shu's Idaho Running Co, Mike aka Shu, the owner was there and he introduced me to his staff. I stayed a couple of hours selling and signing my book, chatting with folks, and being on live radio. After my store visit, I went back to Jenny's where I was staying. I've known Jenny and her husband Mark for a number of years now and we have become great friends, there at the door to meet me was Fremont, the Stinson's beautiful golden retriever, I had not seen Fremont in a couple of years but I think he remembered me!

That night Jenny hosted a little get together with some friends from their local running club, what a bunch of nice folks!

Tuesday morning I was up early and headed for Therapeutic Associates to do a meet and greet, It was wonderful, and the staff even worked on my knee for me! Jenny and I had a nice breakfast and then it was back over to Shu's Idaho Running Co., for another meet and greet. Boise is packed full of some of the nicest people you will ever meet! Shu's store was recently voted one of the top 50 specialty running stores in the country! After my afternoon meet and greet at Shu's, I was able to go back to Jenny's and get a little R&R my knee was really hurting and it was nice to get it up and elevated for awhile.

Tuesday evening was my main talk and it was held at The Pursuit, it's a local church in Boise and they were very kind to let me use their venue for my talk. We had a really good turnout and my talk went well. I like to move around the stage when I speak but with crutches I was pretty much stationed in one spot, but at least I didn't fall off the stage! After my talk I did a meet and greet, sold and signed books, and took pictures with anyone that wanted one.

Wednesday morning I met with some of Jenny's friends and then did one last meet & greet at Shu's, before it was off to the airport for my flight home to Austin.

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful time I had in Boise, it's a beautiful city and you should all be so very proud! A special thanks to Jenny Stinson, Shu's Idaho Running Co, Therapeutic Associates, The Pursuit, and the New Balance Shoe Company. Thanks to everyone for helping my trip to Boise so special, can't wait to come back!


Steve Blake said...

Dick, thank you for sharing your stories here in Boise, Idaho.
So many people have been assisted in their recovery by your stories, including me. I appreciate you so much. You have been through a great deal of pain, but you overcame and won. You are a super, real-life hero. God bless you man.

Steve Blake said...

Also Dick... thank you my friend for giving me a signed copy of your book. It's an incredible read on recovery, and victory!

One day at a time,

Coach Steve Blake
Boise, Idaho