January 6, 2009

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to give you all a update. My doctors office called today and they have moved up my surgery to tomorrow! I'm very happy to be able to get it done earlier, but also very nervous as this is a biggie! Thanks to everyone who has sent me their thoughts and prayers, it's very much appreciated!

I will be in the hosptital about 4 days, but I will let everyone knows how things went when I get back home.

Take care all and have a great day!



Danny Correll said...

Our very best wishes and prayers go with you today. We hope this will let you do what you want without pain.

brianthedrummerdude15 said...

I hope that you can still run!!!I will run for you!!

TriMoot said...

Dick! I had no idea. I'll be praying for a fast recovery for you and that soon you'll be back to your old "new" self!
God bless.
Paul Mooter
(aka- TriMoot) Guy and his family on the Tahoe Pasta cruise)

Hannah Correll said...

I hope that your knee replacement goes well and that you are able to run again! I will be thinking of you!

P.S. brianthedrummerdude15 is my brother, Brian!

Laura Nye said...

Hey Dick, now maybe you'll be able to keep up with Jill and us guls. I hear you are in some pain but Jill says you in high spirits... attitude is everything, and you wrote the book on that. Wishing a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Beardsley! All the best to you our friend. Mark, Pom, Kaitlyn Rouse Also Teresa wants to know if you will be up for shuffleboard next month?
P. S. I hope the did the right knee!

Matt Wegenka said...

Hoping for a speedy recovery for you. Hope to see you at the Bass Pro Run in 09. Remember to request a fly fishing trip to Dogwood Canyon, it would be great to fish with you.

orbitboy said...

I hope everything went well, and that you're recovering quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dick,
I hope you are feeling better after your knee replacement. I live on the Boston Marathon route and lately I've been running on route 135 with an Oregon singlet daydreaming of a Rodgers, Prefontaine matchup. I would have included you in my day dream but your still just a kid. Good luck with everything. My prayers are with you.

Anesha said...

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