February 22, 2009

6 week post knee replacement surgery

Hi everyone one, time for a update as I just saw my surgeon Dr. Matt Heinrich this past Friday. They took x-rays for the first time since surgery and everything looks great!

I can pretty do everything like a normal person now. I walk without a limp, can go up and down stairs like you should be able to, I "run" on the elliptical machine, do weights, power walk with nordic poles, and have been doing quite a bit of biking. In fact today I did a 35 mile ride and felt quite good! Sure feels good to work out again and get back into shape! I haven't tried running yet but as I continue to work on strengthening my right quad, I hope to give a try in the next few weeks.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers, I really appreciate it! Have a great day!


Scott said...

Hi Dick! Keep up the good work! We are all pulling and cheering for you!

Scott Tracy

Lois Carlson said...

Hi Dick, Remember me? Lois Carlson from Grantsburg. We have laughed many times with and without you about the time you went into Louise Kimbel's house thinking it was the home of Lawrence Anderson! Chuckles! Anyway, Darlene Sherstad gave me your book, which I already own, but since it was in front of me, I re-read and and enjoyed it and was inspired all over again. I hope all is well and if you ever come north again (who would with the severe winter we've had?) do come to Grantsburg. The Wild River Ridge Runners club disbanded as everyone got too old to participate in most races. But we still get together for breakfast every Saturday. Now we're the Wild Ridge Eating Club, I guess. The Clems and I still run a bit, they more than I, but that's about it. Love to just get out and exercise, not caring about putting in many miles as much as just getting out and about. Tough winter with lots of ice, so we've been running at the Fitness Center which has re-opened. Well, enough babbling. Just to say hi! Lois Carlson, Grantsburg

anesha said...
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keeter said...

Hi Dick! Sound slike you are doing great! I am so impressed! I had knee replacement a few years ago. Your comment about your passion for helping others really reached out to me. I started a Knee Replacement Support Group because I felt the passion - and need - to help people who are struggling through theirs. It helps to have such a positive experience to read about! Thanks!

Isma said...
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