April 22, 2009

Boston Marathon

How can a person not get excited about the Boston Marathon! I wasn't even running the race this year and I was super excited! I flew from Pierre, SD on Friday and arrived around 11pm. My wife Jill was flying in from Austin and was suppose to have arrived around 10pm, but bad weather in Austin and Houston caused incredible delays, she did not arrive until 6:30 Saturday morning! I had to be at the expo by 9, what a trooper Jill was! I could tell she was exhausted but she sucked it up and went to the expo with me to help, as usual she was awesome! I spent the first hour and a half at the Marathon & Beyond booth signing books, numbers, cards, and taking pictures with folks, then after that I went to the New Balance booth for a couple of hours and did the same thing. After that I was on the Boston Legends Panel with Amby Burfoot, Greg Meyer, Katherine Switzer, and Jack Fultz, what a fun time we had! It was then off to our hotel for a little R & R ! Saturday night we spent with our friends Dave and Ivette Shelbourne along with their kids and some of the New Balance elite dealers from around the country. They had rented a few lanes of a bowling alley and we had a ball! Good food and fun bowling, I even rolled a 164 with my new knee!

Sunday morning I was up early for a morning run and then Jill and I headed back to the expo for more meet and greet at the Marathong and Beyond booth and with New Balance. I also gave a talk about the 1982 "Duel in the Sun" Boston that Alberto Salazar and competed in, had a great crowd and movie producer and friend Paul Martin was there filming my talk for a movie he is producing about my life, pretty exciting stuff!

Sunday evening we drove to Ipswich, MA where I gave a talk at a local church. We had a wonderful time and a large turnout of folks, thanks so much to Dave Shelbourne for arranging my visit there!

Monday morning Jill and I watched the race on TV and then it was time to head home to Austin. A HUGE thanks to New Balance for making my trip to Boston such a great one!

My wife took a gazillion pictures, all of which are here!

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