August 21, 2009

8 month knee replacement and recent back surgery update

Sorry for not getting my blog updated as quickly as I should! My new knee is doing great! There is now nothing I can't do on it and for that I'm so very blessed! Three weeks ago I had to under-go back surgery. I had back surgery in 1994 and they had to fuse my sacrum along with L-5 and L-4, that surgery came about because of hurting my back in the farm accident and a car accident, it was doing fine until last fall. Over the winter months it kept getting worse and worse, this past spring Jill and I bought a new mattress thinking that might be the problem, that didn't help. I started getting some chiropractic help but that also did little good. So about a month ago I went to a orthopedic back doctor here in Austin and they took a x-ray and even I could see what was the matter! The L-3 vertebrae was completely bone on bone, no space at all!

Over the past couple of years they came up with a less invasive surgery called XLIF, instead of going through the front or back to get to the spine, they go through the side. They use small instruments, make two small incisions, and only have to cut through one muscle which makes recovery much quicker. In 1994 I was in the hospital for 12 days, this time I was in overnight! They had me up walking within 2 hours after I woke up in recovery!

My back pain was gone, the muscle they cut through still hurts a bit, but that is healing up nicely and is getting better every day. I'm back running again it feels good! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I could run a marathon next month, but this new procedure was incredible!


Anonymous said...

I am 44 years old and need a TKR...I like to run, I do not run outside, because it hurts too bad, but I run 2 miles a day a couple times a week on my treadmill. Nothing like you run, but like it none the less. Everything I read and everything everyone tells no running or jogging after TKR....Not sure I want to have it done.

Surfsister said...

My OS actually told me I could run if I wanted to. I don't want to. I stopped running years ago. However, I might take a few runs in the soft sand at the beach now that I have my new knee.

Anonymous said...

HI....really contemplating knee surgery on both, but very, very nervous...getting the injections, but really not a whole lot of help.
Want less invasive as possible...
Can you tell me about your pain and recovery time...thanks Woman...Susan

Anonymous said...

How quickly can one recover after the less invasive TKR? I need a single TKR and am interviewing for executive jobs ( was laid off). I can't interview if I'm using a cane or assistive device. Should I delay surgery until I land a job? Can I go back on interviews in 3 weeks? China Rose

TreatmentReport About Knee Replacement said...

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Drew said...


How do you run without your ACL????

I am a male, 45-years old, 3-months post-op right TKR, Striker Scorpio tib (cemented) and femur (press-fit). Continuing rehab on my own: going up stairs no problem, still slightly sore medially (inside of knee) going down however. Biking religiously (stationary and street) at least 25 miles per week and at least 30 minutes on the elliptical a day.

I feel I'm ready for jogging now but without an ACL how does one manage to keep from hyper-extending the knee?

I'm considering getting a ACL brace that would limit hyper-extension (DonJoy Defiance III, for instance).

Dick, could you PLEASE elaborate on the techniques you used to get running again after the replacement (such as bracing; more upright posture; wrapping the knee, etc.)

I'm well aware of the risks of running/jogging on a TKR - but I think I feel as you do that because of our ages we are going to have to have a revision before we 'expire' anyway (hopefully): what's a few years sooner if it means we get to do what we enjoy.

Thank you in advance for your reply and thank you right now for your inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I am seeing Dr. Dryer right now for disc issues and he wants to do surgery. After reading so many bad reviews on him, I was surprised to see yours. Did he really fix your problem and you would recommend him? I appreciate your opinion, please write me....

D. Irizarry

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