September 18, 2009

Back surgery update

I had my 6 week after surgery checkup this morning and the doctor said everything is looking real good! I'll be honest, it has not felt the best, especially trying to sleep at night, but like I was told, it has been only 6 weeks and these take up to 1 year to fully heal, plus I've been perhaps pushing it a bit. The doctor said I was way ahead of schedule, so that is good news! I just need to have paitence! I've never been to a doctor that is so on time! If you have a appointment at 8am or 4pm, I could set my watch to him, he walks right in the door right on time!


Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with a ruptured herniazted disk in the l4-l5 area. Was wondering what type of surgery you had and how you are doing?

Adam Strong said...


I was 17 when you had your 1982 race against Salazar. That was such an incredible story and you have always been one of my childhood idols. 25 years later, I find myself getting back into running and thinking of all the legends that made me log 80-100 miles per week when I was 15 and 16 years old. I hope you are well and will be 100% soon.

d"anne said...

i'm about to have my back fused L4 and L5 also had total knee replacement in 2008, i used to race walk marathons, but havn't done anything for fear of more pain and injuries.
when a friend told me about you i just couldn't wait to get to your website. i've read about you and feel that i'm only 52 and should be able to get up and moving again. thanks for the inspriation.