November 26, 2007

Seattle Marathon

Hi everyone! I had a great time out in Seattle this past weekend!

I was the guest speaker at the Seattle Marathon and what a beautiful city it is!

I spent Friday afternoon at the expo signing books, New Balance cards, taking pictures with runners, and just chatting with lots of folks.

Friday night I was the invited guest of race director Louise Long to the Sponsor dinner, had some great food and conversation!

Saturday morning I did a 10 mile run along the bay in Seattle, it was beautiful.

I then went and talked and ran with the kids in their 1.2 mile run. They had over 3000 kids! It was absolutely amazing seeing that many kids running with their moms and dads and all having huge smiles on their faces!

I spent the rest of the day at the expo then delivered the keynote address at the pasta dinner.

Sunday morning I ran but did not race the half marathon, what a beautiful course with a couple of big hills thrown in.

The weather was perfect and it was a great race weekend!

Have a great day!


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