November 28, 2007

Portland, Oregon

This past Sunday, after my duties with the Seattle Marathon, Bill Kaemmer along with his friend Tony picked me up at the Westin Hotel and we headed for the 3 and a half hour drive down to Portland. I actually was in the suburb of Hillsboro, Oregon.

Sunday night I spent about a hour with kids and parents from Bills XC team. I told how I got started running and about the Boston Marathon I ran in 1982. I signed some books and New Balance cards and had a great time!

Monday morning I went for a run with a group of runners from Portland, we ran along the beautiful Willematte River.

I then spent some time at Bills office and talked with some Portland St. University runners and some National Guardsoldiers. Bill is a Chaplin in the Guard and runs the GOLD program there.

Monday afternoon I spent a couple of hours at the Portland Running Co. store and had a great time chatting with folks.

Late Monday afternoon I ran with the XC kids from Hillsboro High School in the pouring rain, we had a blast, GREAT kids!

Monday night I gave a talk to the public at Hillsboro High School. I really enjoyed myself! I gave a motivational talkabout the ups and downs we all face in life and also talked about my drug addiction and our new Foundation.

Tuesday started early with a 10 mile run and then off to Salem, Oregon with Bill to the Oregon National GuardHeadquarters. We attended a prayer breakfast where I spoke about my addiction and my faith.

Bill also received a promotion and it was awarded to him by the Major General of the Oregon National Guard, it was quite a honor for me and a honor for me to meet the Major General!

After that it was off to meet and greet at the Portland Running Co., in Beaverton, Oregon. Owners Dave and Paul were there along with their staff. If your ever out in that area and need some advise or need some running gear, that's the place to go.

After that, back home to Austin! It was a very busy few days, but I had a ball!

Have a great day! Dick

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