February 21, 2008

Runner's Tri 'N High

My good friend and owner of Runners High 'n Tri in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Mark Rouse invited me in to give a talk at his store.

Mark picked me up at O'Hare Airport and we went right to an alternative high school in the area where I had the fortune of speaking to the students there. I'm always a little more nervous about speaking to high school kids, as their attention span is not the greatest, I was even more worried about speaking at a alternative high school, as many of these kids have faced problems in their lives. They were awesome!

That night I spoke to a packed house at Runners High 'N Tri, close to 200 people, you could not find a better audience! If you'd like to hear my talk from that night you can go click here.
The next morning it was onto Hersey High School where I spoke to the varsity athletes from the various sports teams at the school, once again the kids were super!

A big thanks to Mark, Pom, Teresa, and the whole staff at Runners High 'N Tri for having me back!


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