July 15, 2008

Couples Tri

Transition is all set up!

Right before the start!

We did it! My wife Jill and I were "Team Beards" at the Couples Tri held at Walter E. Long Park in Austin on Sunday. Jack and Adam's Bicycles put on the event and what a well run event it was! They had close to 500 teams competing.

Jill and I were in the "Married Couples Total Age Over 70" category. Our wave started the swim at 8:20. We got into Decker Lake and it was very warm, this would be my longest swim ever! I started near the back when the horn sounded and off we went. I think because of my low body fat or perhaps because I just plain don't know how to swim very well, it felt like I was always struggling just to stay floating! I did the crawl the whole way, got passed by other waves of swimmers, even had a couple of folks swim right over the top of me, welcome to the world of triathlons Richard!

I finally got out of the water about 29 minutes after I started, I slipped on my Crocs and headed for my bike. I have to admit, I was very slow in the transition area! After drying my feet, I slipped on my helmet, my sunglasses, and my New Balance racing shoes. I don't wear bike shoes as I'm still not comfortable clipping my shoes into the pedals! Plus, I figured after the bike I would just take off my helmet and off for the run I could go without changing shoes.

I had a fantastic bike that Jack and Adam's loaned to me. The bike course was a very challenging 11.2 mile hilly course. I pretty much held my own, even passed some people! After completing the bike, I got to the transition, put my race number on, my New Balance cap, took a few Clif Blocks, got a drink and off I went! My legs actually felt good right from the get go on the run. It was a 5K XC course they had set up. I felt good on the run and was fortunate to be able to pass many people along the way, now I was in my element and it felt good!

For the bike, I averaged almost 18mph and on the run, about 6:20 pace per mile.

When I finished I quickly had some fluids, changed into my training shoes and ran back on the course to find my Jill. I found her just past the two mile mark and she looked GREAT with just a mile to go! I ran into the finish with her and we both had huge smiles on our faces, WAY TO GO SWEETIE, I'm very proud of you!!!

My first love, fitness wise, will always be running, but I have to admit, swimming and biking has also become quite enjoyable for me!

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Shaina said...

Hi Dick! I saw you when you came to speak at the University of Iowa this winter, and I just now found your blog, so I'll definitely be following along. Congratulations on your recent triathlon!