July 7, 2008

Howdy Du

Stacey, (world's best cheerleader), Jill, and Laura

WOW! You talk about fun! I did my first Duathalon on Sunday and I had a ball! My wife Jill is a triathlete and has been trying to get me interested in biking and swimming. Last week Laura lent me a mountain bike and I gave it a try. The last time I was on a bike and tried to ride it fast was over 20 years ago, the results were not pretty as I ran into the back end of a guys brand new Cadillac!

In my debut on the mountain bike I was worried about my "hinder" getting real sore, so I borrowed some biking shorts from Jill. I did 12 miles and ave. 15.4 mph and was quite pleased and to be honest with you I kind of enjoyed it!

The Howdy Du was held at a beautiful county park near Georgetown, Texas. I was a little nervous as I was doing my 2.5 mile warm up. They had two wave starts, one for folks 39 years of age and younger and then one for 40 and over. The youngsters started 3 minutes before us. I didn't want to run the first 3 miles to hard, I averaged just over 6 minute miles for the 3 mile run. I had a heck of a time in the transition getting my helmet strap to snap, that finally done, I jumped on the bike and took off for the 16.65 mile bike.

What a beautiful course! It was two loops through the beautiful countryside. It did not take long for many of the folks I beat on the run to catch up with me on my mountain bike. I rode as hard as I could knowing I still had a 3 mile run after the bike. My ride went well and was very pleased as I averaged 16 mph. I got off the bike and thank the good Lord I was holding onto the bike, I started running towards the transition area and my legs collapsed! The bike was the only thing holding me up!

I got my bike hung up and then started my last 3 mile run. The first half mile I felt like I'd never run before! The last two miles though I felt real good and had my running legs back and was able to finish strong!

Jill and Laura also did very well and I was so proud of both of them! A big thanks to our friend Stacey Conley for coming along and being our cheer leader and taking some great pictures!

Will I do another Duathalon? You betcha! In fact I really enjoyed my time on the bike!

This weekend Jill and I are doing the Couples Tri. If I don't drown in the lake, or run into another Cadillac, I will let you know how things go!

I can tell you this though, my wife Jill has turned me onto a whole new form of endurance training and racing and I'm absolutely loving it. Thanks honey!

During the first 3 mile loop

Finish Line

Running a loop with Laura and Jill

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