September 27, 2010

Upcoming Total Knee Replacement

Hello everyone! I've received so many emails from folks that have followed my first total knee replacement (TKR) asking about how it's doing, so on and so forth. My right knee I had replaced on January 7, 2009 is doing great! I don't even think about it and it feels super when I run! The problem now is my left knee! 22 years ago I was in a very bad farm accident and my left leg got all ripped apart. I had a wonderful surgeon in Dr. Richard Schmidt of Minneapolis and he did a wonderful job of putting my leg back together again! For 21 and a half years it was doing great! I knew this time was eventually coming for a new knee. It really started getting bad about 6 months ago so I went back to my orthopedic knee doctor here in Austin (Dr. Matt Heinrich) They went in and cleaned it out, even received a injection but nothing seemed to help as it was down to bone on bone. So, tomorrow, September 29 I go in for my new left knee. If it turns out anywhere close to how my right one has, I will be tickled pink! Needless to say I'm very nervous but also looking forward to getting rid of the pain and be able to get out and really enjoy the great outdoors once again! I am in GREAT hands with Dr. Heinrich! I will try and keep everyone posted the best I can! Take care all and have a great day!

Dick :-)


Anonymous said...

Good Luck and hopefully you will be running very soon.

mithu said...

Good luck! You'll be up and out the door for your next run in no time! I'm tremendously happy that I was able to meet you at the Expo for the Boston Marathon. Please keep us updated about your recovery!

NobleHeff said...

Good luck with your recovery. Will follow you closely to see how your running goes with two tkr's. You give hope to those of us that have the tkr and still want to continue to run. Keep us posted.