October 7, 2010

First day of PT (post hospital stay)

Without doubt the most difficult part of a total knee replacement is physical therapy! Being able to straighten and bend your knee is what it's all about! With my first TKR getting it to bend was the easier part and straightening really took a lot of hard painful work, this time it seems to be the exact opposite! I have my same therapist (Renae) from before and she expects a lot but that's good! I'm already at 4-5 degrees straightening but have quite a ways to go on the bending. I have to remember it's only been 8 days since surgery, I need to keep working hard and to have patience! Tomorrow I'm off to pool therapy. I love it and it's amazing how much more you can move things while in the water! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dick - I'm so glad your operation went OK and it sounds like you're already on the way to recovery. Keep us posted, I'm starting to look Forward to replacing my knees. I might have it done in MN as I have family to help there. Judy Milgram
PS I don't mean to be anonymous, but can't find a way to ID myself, I'm one of your many friends on facebook

Judy Milgram said...

Hi Dick - I'm getting worried about you, there haven't been any blog updates since the First day of PT. I hope you're well and doing well! Thinking good thoughts and rooting for your success.