October 27, 2011

13 month TKR update

Hello everyone! As you can see I'm not the best blogger but figured I would update ya'll about my new left knee. It has now been 13 months since I had my new knee put in and it's doing great! I did have a little mishap back in early July but thank goodness it was not my new knee itself! My family and I were on a fishing vacation back in my hometown of Detroit Lakes, MN, I was out on a 10 mile run about 7 miles into the run I felt this sharp pain in my new left knee. I had to stop, I could not run another step! I had to limp back to the hotel. I thought for sure I had broken something in the new knee! As soon as I got back to Austin I got right into my orthopedic surgeon. They took x-rays and the knee itself was fine, but I partially tore my quad tendon that attaches to the top of the knee! So for the next 6 weeks I was in a brace and could not bend my knee. It worked! The last 8 weeks I've been back training hard for the 2012 Boston Marathon and my knee feels better then ever! I'm back running 70-80 miles/week and really enjoying the training to get ready for next April 16 in Boston! It's hard to believe it will be the 30th anniversary of what is now known as the "Duel in the Sun" the race Alberto Salazar and I had against one another in Boston. I can hardly wait! I will try to keep this blog a little more up to date and let you know how my training is progressing. Take care everyone and have a great day!

Dick :-)


Reese said...

70-80 miles a week and running Boston 2012, that's great news.

Kathleen B said...

Hi Dick,
I am facing a knee replacement in a few weeks and have been hunting for some encouragement that I can return to the active life I previously had. I was fortunate enough to meet you at Lake Tahoe in 2008 when I did the triple marathon. God bless you, and thanks for your words of encouragement. It feels good to have hope again!
Kathleen B

TriMoot said...

WOW! That's great news Dick. And Kathleen B, I too was able to chat with Dick on the spaghetti feed boat ride at Lake Tahoe, such a great time. Congrats on doing the triple, that's a great accomplishment, one I hope to do some day but I also am having knee issues. Had arthroscopic surgery done last November but the pain is still very high. Hoping something will change as it's very difficult running.

OD said...

Would you mind sharing which knee device you used, and the alignment. Must be different for everyone, but I love hearing about it going well.

Keryn Clark said...

Hi Dick
I'm also facing a knee replacement. Just had a meniscus removed and told its only a matter of time. This has given me hope that I can and will run again. At the moment I can't but with renewed hope I will work on cross training to get as fit as I can be. Thanks for the motivation.

Jane Hafenbredl said...

Your positive attitude and hard work is paying off. I am starting week three of a TKR right leg. I bent my knee backwards causing a wild zing of pain. I think a weak soft tissue was stretched the wrong way. Ice and rest and only exercising as much as my body tells me I can tolerate. I'm back to using a cane when outside. I live In Wisconsin and thanks to my new knee I can enjoy walking again but I have to be careful not to slip as I want to make this work. I used my walker over the icy terrain this morning. It's so cold that schools and business are posting closings for this coming Monday. That's the day I've my first check up in ortho. I hope they don't cancel that as I'm hoping to find out what I zinged. I called my PT right after the misstep. He suggested I go to urgent care if ice and rest did not help. I have been just adapting as I'd rather talk w an expert. It sounds like you are an expert. Thanks for blogging!