September 27, 2012

Engine 2 Immersion

On Monday I had the opportunity to speak at the Engine 2 Immersion Event held at The Retreat at Balcones Springs outside of Austin, closer to Marble Falls.  

Marble Falls is known for the Bluebonnet CafĂ©, so of course, Jilly and I had to stop there first.  Definitely down home, country cooking and best of all, we bought a cookbook so Jilly can recreate some of their pies!

This was my fifth time to speak at an Engine 2 Immersion Event which are put on by Rip Esselstyn and Adam Reiser, of Health Talent Group.  

They do a wonderful job and the event brings in people from all over the country who work for Whole Foods whose world headquarters are based here in Austin to revitalize their lives in all areas of it through nutrition, exercise, and motivation. 

For many it’s a very hard change to make and it won't happen overnight but as I told them in my talk "It’s worth every ounce of energy that you put into it"! 

After my talk, Jilly and I stayed and chatted with many people, signed lots of Duel in the Sun and my autobiography Staying the Course and listened as we heard many stories from folks wanting to change their lifestyle for the better. It was very heartwarming! 

Thank you Rip and Adam!

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