December 6, 2007

Mid-West Dairy Expo - St. Cloud, Minnesota

I was the invited keynote speaker for the Midwest Dairy Expo held in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I flew into Minneapolis on Monday evening and spent the night at my sister's house. I had a great visit with all of the family!

The next morning I drove to St. Cloud in a good ole fashioned Minnesota snowstorm!

Tuesday evening I was the featured speaker at their banquet. Being a former Minnesota dairy farmer, I really enjoyed being with some of the nicest, hardest working folks you will ever meet!

Wednesday morning I gave the keynote address at the breakfast in front of a few hundred folks, it went real well and I could tell from the comments afterwards, they really appreciated my talk!

I was very honored to have been introduced by a old friend of mine, Jeff Renault. Jeff is with the University of Minnesota-Extension and works with dairy farmers, in fact he came to my farm in the mid 80's and helped me become a better milk producer.

Jeff was also a accomplished runner back in the 60's and competed in the first U. S. Olympic Marathon Trials in 1968.

His son, Mike, is a very elite runner now and just competed in the recent Olympic Trials Marathon in New York City.

Thank you to the Minnesota Milk Producers for making my trip possible!


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