January 24, 2008

City of Austin - Health Fair

On Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking to the City of Austin employees who are involved in the city's P.E. program! My good friend, Clemmie Cummins, who works for the city and is one of the P.E. coaches set it all up with the help of my wife, Jill.

There was a Health Fair at City Hall from 11 – 12, then I spoke for about 35 minutes to all those who attended the Fair.

Talk about a great group to speak in front of! They were really into my talk and when that happens it’s like magic for me! I feed off of that like a fire feeding off gasoline.

I can't thank Clemmie and all the folks at the City of Austin for making it all possible, now I am again reminded why Austin is such a great community!


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