January 22, 2008

Fargo, North Dakota - A trip back to the cold!

I arrived in Fargo, North Dakota late Friday night, my good friend and partner in our running store Greg Hammes picked me up. When I walked outside of the Fargo Hector International Airport, I almost lost my breath! It was already around 17 degrees below zero! Even though I lived up in that neck of the woods for 51 years, I'd forgotten how cold it can get!

I was up early the next morning and was at the Dick Beardsley Running Company at 5:30 for a nice run on the treadmill, it was 25 below zero outside! So no outside running for me!

At 7, a handful of runners showed up at the store for our first training session to get ready for the Fargo Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay that happens in mid May. With temperatures so cold we decided to keep everyone inside and I spoke about how the program works. After we were all done, a few brave souls including Greg and one of our other running store partners Wade Erickson went out for a run. They said with no wind it really wasn't that bad!

Saturday night we had an appreciation night for area high school track and XC coaches, we explained and showed them what we can offer as a store to their teams as far as equipment goes. We had a wonderful time and plenty of refreshments and give-a-ways for all the coaches.Sunday morning was another very cold start to the day, minus 27 degrees below zero!

I'm getting ready for the Napa Valley Marathon in early March so I did my 17 mile run on the treadmill. I worked at the store the rest of the day and enjoyed talking to all the folks that came in the door. We had a busy weekend at our store. That's one thing about the folks from Minnesota and North Dakota, they don't let a little cold weather keep them from doing things!

Sunday evening I had supper with my very close friends Darold and Judy Buchta. They are like a mom and dad to me and Judy is a GREAT cook! Darold and I enjoyed watching the Packer/Giants football game!

Monday was a day of taking care of some things and visiting with some friends.

The day started off with a nice run and then breakfast with Bob and Lois Peldo of Fargo. Bob and Lois are wonderful folks who I got to know over the years when I had a fishing guide business in Detroit Lakes. I then headed to Detroit Lakes to visit with some good friends, Carmin Close and Lisa Piche in Detroit Lakes.

Carmin has been a good friend of mine for many years, we became friends when I was an announcer at KDLM radio in Detroit Lakes and she was and still is the traffic manager there. Lisa and I did a morning show on the radio for a number of years and we always had a fun and crazy time on the air!

Tuesday morning I gave a talk at Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Dakota. I did the talk at their headquarters in Fargo. I have spoken to the folks at BCBS a few times over the years, they are wonderful folks and my talk went well. Afterwards it was time to fly back home to Austin!

I had a very busy but fun time in Fargo!

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