May 30, 2008

ALARC Marathon Training Program

My good friend and former coach, Bill Wenmark, started the ALARC running program back in 1981. There are two major marathons in Minnesota, the Grandma's Marathon and the Twin Cities Marathon. Bill started the ALARC program to take first time marathoners and train them to finish their first one. What a success it has been! Of the thousands of runners that have been through the ALARC program since 1981, only 3 people have not finished, that is amazing!!

I've been one of their guest speakers since the program begin and love talking to this group! I flew into Minneapolis/St. Paul on Wednesday from my home in Austin, Texas. I picked up my rental car and went straight to my good friend Dr. Steven Moe, Chiropractic Kinesiologist. I've been going to Dr. Moe for over 20 years now. He checked me out, adjusted a few things and I was on my way over to Bill's house. I took a short nap, then went out for a nice easy 5 mile run on some beautiful trails. It was then onto my talk.

When I first started speaking to the ALARC group, I focused on types of training that might help these folks, over the years my role has changed and now I tell stories and get them all fired up for the big race they have coming up. My talk went well and I had a wonderful time!

Afterwards Bill and I went out for a bite to eat and ran into a mutual friend, Dr. Ken Hightoff. When I had my bad farm accident back in 1989, Dr. Hightoff did the MRI's on my body to see how much internal damage I had done, he was one of the first doctors in Minnesota that had a MRI machine.

We had a nice supper and shared some old stories!

Thursday morning it was up early for a 10 mile run and then catch my flight back to Austin. Keep up the great work ALARC and thank you Bill for making my trip to Minnesota all possible!

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