May 5, 2008

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon/ RRCA Convention 50th

The folks in Cincinnati really have something going with their flying pink pig! This was my second time time to be at the Flying Pig Marathon to speak and my first time to speak at the RRCA Convention. It was the 50th Anniversary of the RRCA so I was very honored that they chose me to be their keynote speaker!

I arrived on Friday afternoon and got to the hotel around 2 pm. I took a short nap and then went for a beautiful 5 mile run along the Ohio River!

After my run, it was over to the expo to be at the Marathon & Beyond booth and talked to folks, sign copies of my book, Staying the Course, A Runner's Toughest Race and John Brandt's book, Duel in the Sun, race bibs, took pictures, and enjoyed the festivities. This is another race that has really grown! In their 10th year and getting bigger and better!

Saturday morning I went out for a nice run with a few thousand other runners who were running the 10k, I jumped in a got a good workout in, of course I did not go through the finish line since I was not registered.

I spent the day at the expo, then gave my talk at 3pm to a packed audience, they were super and my talk went well!

Saturday evening I gave the keynote at the 50th Anniversary Banquet of the RRCA.

Sunday morning I was up and did a couple of miles then ran the half marathon for a good workout. With 3 miles to go, I caught up with my ole friend Doug Kurtis from Detroit. Talk about a running legend! Doug had a PR of 2:13 in the marathon but the most incredible thing about Doug is, he holds the record for the most marathons run under 2:20, Doug totaled 76! That my friends is absolutely amazing, that is one record I don't think will ever be broken!

Doug was running the half also as a good workout as he was in training for the Grandma's Marathon coming up in June.

We finished our run, then it was back to the hotel to pack and catch my flight back home to Austin.

Thanks Flying Pig for the wonderful time I had!

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