May 10, 2008

Duluth Middle Schools, Duluth, MN

It is always a treat for me to go to Duluth, Minnesota, to me it is almost like going home as I'm always welcomed there with such open arms! This time I was in Duluth to speak to all the kids at the middle schools. I was there to speak about living a healthy active lifestyle, chemically free. The very thing that the Dick Beardsley Foundation is promoting.

The one thing I found out about speaking to kids years ago is, you have to get them into your talk right away or you spend the rest of the time reeling them back in. Fortunately I was able to do that! The kids at all of the schools were wonderful and they all gave me their utmost attention! I can't thank the folks at Grandma's Marathon and the Duluth School District for making my trip to the middle schools all possible!

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