March 29, 2008

123rd Annual Little Falls Chamber of Commerce Banquet

What a great time I had in Little Falls, Minnesota! Little Falls is a town of around 8,000 people located on the Mississippi River in North Central Minnesota. It’s most famous for the birthplace of Aviator Charles Lindberg!

I arrived in Little Falls the afternoon of March 23 and helped with the Grand Opening of a beautiful new fitness center in Little Falls, what a gorgeous place! Then I did a book signing at a local book store.

That night I had a great meal with some runners of the local running club.

The next morning I was up bright and early for a run with runners from the running club. My next stop was on to the elementary school in the small town of Randal, MN. I spoke to 3rd - 5th graders about running and leading a healthy, active, chemically free lifestyle.

After my talk I opened it up to questions, boy did they have a lot and were not afraid to ask me anything! The kids and staff were great!

That afternoon I spoke to a community drug task force group, then onto the Little Falls High School to talk with the kids. An old friend of mine, Jeff Massman, is the Gym teacher there. The students were excellent!

My main talk while I was there was for the 123rd Annual Little Falls Chamber of Commerce Banquet. There were about 400 folks in attendance, we had a wonderful meal and my talk went very well!

Thank you Little Falls, what an awesome community you have!

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