March 8, 2008

Chamber of Commerce Banquet, Aberdeen, South Dakota

Aberdeen, South Dakota is a bustling city of 30,000 people located in Northeast South Dakota. I flew from Austin to MSP and then took a small prop plane from MSP into Aberdeen. Amy Blackstone from the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce was my host and picked me up at the airport.

Wednesday evening I was a special guest at the monthly meeting of the Aberdeen Area Running Club. We met at the Ward Deli, a very neat refurbished old hotel. The Aberdeen Area Running Club just got up and going in the last few months and already have close to 100 members!

I had a chance to chat with most folks and then I gave a 40 minute talk and answered questions, it was lots of fun!The next morning about 20 folks showed up at 6am for a nice 5 mile run, we were all bundled up as the temperature was around zero with light snow falling. The local paper even showed up to take pictures of all of us out on the run!

Later that morning I gave a talk at Aberdeen Central High School, the kids were awesome! I had a short break and then gave a talk to students/athletes at Northern State University in Aberdeen, once again those kids/young adults were wonderful and had some great questions after my talk.

Thursday night I gave the Keynote talk at the 123rd annual Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce Banquet. There were close to 500 folks there and I had the honor of being introduced by Amy's brother, Tim Blackstone. Tim was a top runner at South Dakota State University back in his day and he told a few stories about me that brought back some great memories! My talk went very well and the audience was super to talk to!

The next morning it was up and out the door for a run at minus 13 degrees out! I forgot how cold it can still get this time of the year in the north land!

I had a wonderful time out in Aberdeen and I can't thank Amy Blackstone and all the folks in Aberdeen for helping make my trip such a great one!

Thanks Aberdeen, South Dakota!

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