March 30, 2008

ING Georgia Marathon

The ING Georgia Marathon in Atlanta is only in its second year, but what a great event they put on! I was picked up at the airport by Don who is retired but helps out at the marathon with his wife. As we were driving into downtown Atlanta, it was easy to see what had taken place just a couple of weeks prior. A tornado had ripped through the downtown area! Windows were blown out of many of the high rise building there as they were all boarded up, that didn't keep race director Victoria and her staff from going ahead with their plans!

They had 15,000 runners signed up and it went off without a hitch as far as I could tell. I spoke at the expo and also at the VIP dinner. Others that were also there to speak are all good friends of mine and it’s always great to see them! Katherine Switzer, Patti and Dan Dillon, and Norm and Helen Klein.

Thanks Atlanta for a great weekend and for the wonderful race you put on!

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