August 4, 2008

Great Race Running Clinic-Pittsburgh

My trip to Pittsburgh was super! Scott Green really does a great job as the New Balance rep for the area and Jamie Dix the tech rep for the area was also there and did a wonderful job! Saturday morning we spent about 5 hours at the Great Race Running Clinic. They had about 5 different stations set up for runners to go through and have a number of test done. The one that the runners really got the most out of was the shoe evaluation. Scott, Jamie, and Kevin Smith the owner of Elite Runners & Walkers did a outstanding job of taking the time to evaluate everyone and show them the types of shoes that would work best for them. I mainly chatted with folks as they came through, signed New Balance cards, took pictures with folks, things like that.

At noon I gave a hour long talk and it went very well. After we were all done there we went over to Kevin's store and I was there for about 3 hours signing books, New Balance cards, pictures, and answering lots of questions about training. After the store appearance, we headed over to a beautiful running trail and went for a nice 4 mile fun run.

Afterwards Kevin and his wife had pizza and drinks for everyone, New Balance shirts for all that came, it was a great time we all had!

I know Kevin really appreciated New Balance bringing me out, as he couldn't say enough nice things about New Balance, Scott, and Jamie!

You all know how to put a great team of sales and tech reps together! Every place I go, I've never heard a bad thing about the New Balance reps, always nothing but good! Thanks so much for letting me travel to events like that, I really enjoy doing it!

Keep up the GREAT work Dave and Dan!


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