August 14, 2008

Growmark Conference

Early Tuesday morning I flew from Austin-Detroit-Bloomington, Illinois. I was one of the speakers for Growmark, the agricultural giant with headquarters in Bloomington. The conference was being held at a beautiful resort in Pana, IL, which is about 90 miles southwest of Bloomington. I picked up my rental car and off I went to Pana.

After a nice supper, I headed for the sack as I was super tired!

I got up early Wednesday morning and did a nice track workout and then went into town for a little breakfast. I stopped at a gas station and ran in to get a bottle of water, I left the rental car running, when I came back out to get in, the doors were locked and the car was running! I didn't think that could happen! The local police no longer opens up locked cars, but I was able to find a local guy that had the tools, it cost me $30 bucks, but at least he was able to unlock it!

I was the last speaker for the conference, it was made up of mostly guys and gals that were managers of different Growmark plants around Illinois. My talk went very well. I got done, threw on my running gear and did a beautiful 5 mile run around the grounds of the resort, and then it was back in the car for my ride back to Bloomington.

A big thank you to Dave Anderson from Growmark for inviting me to speak at their conference, I had a great time!


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