October 29, 2007

Cozad Hospital Foundation Fall Ball

This past weekend I was in Cozad, Nebraska as the keynote speaker for the Cozad Hospital Foundation Fall Ball.

My hosts for the weekend were Claude and Karen Berreckman. I flew from Austin to Denver to Omaha where Claude picked me up for the 200 mile drive west to Cozad. Friday night we had a great supper at Claude and Karen's house. Also joining us were Claude's parents, Claude Sr. and his mom Jane along with Lyle Davis (CEO of the hospital) and his wife. We had a wonderful time and very tasty food!

I was actually in Cozad to speak at a race there back in 1983. Claude Sr. pulled out a picture of me speaking at the race!

Saturday morning I went on a run with some of the local folks, then afterwards I spoke to the Cozad High School Cross Country team S. XC team along with some XC runners from the nearby town of Lexington.

Saturday night was the Ball and it was a grand event! Six people were inducted into the hospital Hall of Fame. I then gave a 45 minute talk and keyed in on areas of Loyalty, Dedication, and Commitment. It went very well and the folks at the Ball were a great group to speak to! I had a awesome time in Cozad, Nebraska!

Have a great day!


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