October 24, 2007

Team Spiridon - Austin

On Wednesday night I had a great time running, eating, and speaking with Team Spiridon!
We met at Little Mexico restaurant and went for a nice easy 2.5 mile run. I had the chance to run and chat with most everyone in the group.

We then sat down to a wonderful Mexican meal and then I spoke to the group. It was great fun as I told a little about how I got into running, one of the first marathons I ran (and did everything just about possible, wrong!) and how I looked for positive signs as I was getting ready to run my first Grandmas Marathon in Duluth Minnesota back in 1981.

Rob, the leader of Team Spiridon, was very gracious in letting me talk about the Dick Beardsley Foundation and what we are trying to accomplish with it. My soon to be wife Jill Gainer and foundation board member Stacey Conley (Conley Sports) were in attendance which was very nice!

We had just received our Dick Beardsley Foundation wrist bands and the Team Spiridon folks were the first to have a chance to purchase one and help the foundation.

I thank all of them for their generous donations!

It was a great night with a awesome group of people!

Thanks for having me Team Spiridon!


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