April 2, 2008

FFA Annual Banquet, Long Prairie, Minnesota

Flying right from Atlanta into Minneapolis, I rented a car and stayed at my sisters on Sunday night. The next morning it was up early for a nice run in a snowstorm!

Needless to say, the drive from the Twin Cities to Long Prairie, Minnesota was a long one! The roads were very icy but I finally made it there about 2 hours before my talk at the annual FFA (Future Farmers of America) awards banquet.

I always enjoy speaking to farm groups and especially ones for the kids! I was not a FFA member but I was in 4-H for a long time as I was growing up, what incredible organizations both of them are! We had a delicious meal and then it was on for my talk and the awards.

Thank you Long Prairie and the FFA students for making my stay such an enjoyable one!

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