November 3, 2008

Bass Pro Shops Fitness Festival

Bill Rodgers, Brian Correll and me!
Brian Correll, looking very strong!

Beautiful countryside

I flew from Rapid City, South Dakota on Thursday and got into Springfield, MO at around 7:30 PM. My good friend Danny Correll and his daughter Hannah picked me and Frank Shorter up at the airport and took us to our hotel, needless to say, I was very tired and pretty much went right to bed.

Friday morning I was up early and Danny picked me up and took me to the local CBS TV station for a early morning interview about the Bass Pro Fitness Festival. I wore my running clothes and did a 8 mile run back to my hotel after my interview. Around noon, Danny picked me up and took me to Hannah's high school, Rogersville High where I delivered a one hour talk to the entire student body, the kids were absolutely super! After my talk to it was back over to Bass Pro's World Headquarters where I hung out with Bob Woods and Andrea, both work with New Balance . I chatted with folks, signed a few autographs, and had some pictures taken.

At 6PM, I attended the Missouri Valley Conference XC Banquet along with my ole friends Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, and Jeff Galloway.

Saturday morning was the Bass Pro Fitness Festival 5 & 10K road races, hundreds of folks were there on a beautiful morning for running. Because of my injured knee (having surgery on it on Nov.17) I couldn't race but I ran the 10K and had wonderful time running with everyone!

After a quick breakfast, I was back to Bass Pro to help with the awards ceremony along with Frank, Bill, and Jeff. Saturday I gave a informal "round table" talk with runners and it was really a good time!

Saturday evening I made a appearance at the Team n' Training get together and then headed back over for the pasta dinner. Bass Pro put on the free dinner for all the runners and many took advantage of this great meal. I gave about a 20 minute talk and had people all revved up to run the next morning!

Sunday morning was another great fall morning to run! Today they had the full marathon and the half, I ran the half at about a 7 minute/mile pace and felt good up until around 9 miles and then my right knee really started to bother me! Can't hardly wait to get it fixed!

Sunday afternoon was the awards ceremony and all of us invited guests helped with that, signed autographs, sold books, had pictures taken, and chatted with many of the runners.

This was the second year of the Bass Pro Shop's Fitness Festival and it was bigger and better then last year! They have a great event going here and I expect it to continue to grow in the years ahead!

A huge thank you goes out to Carol and Martin from Bass Pro, Bob and Andrea from New Balance, and Danny , Hannah, and Brian Correll for making my weekend such a fun one!

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Anonymous said...

We were glad that you visited Logan-Rogersville High School during your recent participation in the Bass Pro Fitness Festival. The motivational presentation was very well received and your life story was applicable for our students in so many ways. It is a story of peaks and valleys with a message of never giving up. You'll be glad to hear that our football boys won their second playoff game last night, our volleyball team finished second in the state, and two runners qualified for the state cross country meet. More importantly they are learning a strong lesson in hardwork, determination, and making good choices. Thanks again for your visit!

M. Jeremy Tucker, Superintendent