April 4, 2008

Chicago Tri Club

I always love going to Chicago and this time was no different! My good friend Cary Lisota set it up for me to come to Chicago and speak at the Chicago Tri Club.

I was really looking forward to my talk and just as much to see her husband Jay, their Lab "Sam" and there beautiful new baby, Grace. What a cutie she is! Cary picked me up at the airport, I had a quick bite to eat, back to her house where I took a nap, then out for a quick 5 mile run, then off to speak!

It was so much fun! We had a meet and greet when I first arrived along with some good munchies. I spoke for about an hour to 150 club members and they were great! Thank goodness there is a running part of a triathlon, as I swim like a rock and don't bike much better, at least I can still run! I really admire these triathletes! I can't imagine swimming, biking, and then having to run upwards of a marathon! Uff-da!

Thanks Cary, Jay, Grace, Sam, and the Chicago Tri Club for the great time I had!

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