April 17, 2008

Ipswich High School, Ipswich, Massachusetts

After my afternoon talk and run I took off for the Ipswich, Massachusetts area where I met my good friend, Dave Shelbourne, from New Balance. I checked into a beautiful bed and breakfast where I was able to grab a quick nap.

That evening I had dinner at a wonderful seafood restaurant with Barry, the principal from Ipswich High School and his wife along with Dave and his family. I was so looking forward to meeting Dave's wife, Ivette, their son Justin, and daughter Katrina. What an absolute wonderful family they are! I had such a good time!

The next morning I was up early and out the door for a quick 7 mile run. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful the little country roads are around here! Dave picked me and New Balance Tech rep Greg Tindle up for breakfast along with his family for a wonderful breakfast, and then it was off to Ipswich High School for my talk.

I have spoke at many schools around the country, but the auditorium at Ipswich High School is the best ever! 600 kids packed the auditorium; needless to say I was more nervous than usual before a talk. Partly because, with kids if you don't get them listening right away, you spend the rest of the time trying to reel them back in, and secondly, Dave and his family were all there and I really wanted my talk to go extra well for them. Dave and Ivette had spent a lot of time getting this all set up. The kids were absolutely the best!!!

I was very blessed that the words were just rolling off my tongue! The kids and staff were really into it and when that happens I feed off of their enthusiasm! I normally don't mention this kind of thing, but with kids it rarely ever happens, after I finished my talk the kids gave me a long standing ovation, I had goose bumps on my goose bumps!!!

After that I signed books and chatted with the kids. New Balance was kind enough to provide every student that wanted one a copy of my book "Staying the Course....A Runners Toughest Race"

Thank you Ipswich High School for letting me share my story with all of you, and a big thanks to Dave Shelbourne for making it all happen, you are all the best!!!

After my talk it was off for a nice run in the woods with Greg and the XC coach from Ipswich High School. I then had the opportunity to be the official starter for a couple of events at the track meet that Ipswich High School was hosting that afternoon.

Brought back lots of good memories when I ran track way back when!

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